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If your home Is 10 years or older,
it is due for a check-up. Call for a
Foundation Health Check-Up™
We Will Do An EKG On Your Foundation Slab
Let Us Inspect Your Home BEFORE You Agree To Repairs

Welcome to Gibbs Foundation Engineering in Manvel, TX

“Fast Service at a Fair Price”
Gibbs Foundation Engineering works with insurance companies, realtors and homeowners to determine the most cost-effective way to repair foundation damage. As an independent third-party, we have been able to protect homeowners from being over charged for foundation repairs. We have also been able to help realtors sell homes that were once considered to require extensive foundation damage. Gibbs Foundation Engineering was able to show the seller and the buyer that the cost to repair the foundation was much less than originally thought or told by the foundation repair company.

We conduct foundation damage inspections and provide investigation reports including professionally drawn contour maps that outline our findings. Often times, we are able to reduce the amount of work to what is essentially needed from a structural engineer's expert point of view rather than the perspective of a foundation repair salesperson on commission.. We ultimately save our customers a considerable amount of money.

Gibbs Foundation Engineering is owned by Gregg M. Gibbs, a forensic engineer with 16 years of extensive experience and hands on knowledge of the foundation damage and structural inspection industry. His clear, concise approach to product delivery is accurate, timely and affordable. Typically, we are able to provide reports within 2-3 days. For example, if we do an inspections on a Friday, you can expect a complete report by Monday afternoon.
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The geologic history of the entire Gulf Coast area is the reason why that foundation problems are fairly common In South Texas. The soils in the Houston, Texas metro area are dominantly marine clays that shrink when they dry out and swell when wet causing foundations to shift. Since brick cracks are very hard to fix without leaving visible traces of the repair, a Foundation Health Check-up Is a good way to Identify the problem before It happens.
In a recent case, a man in South Texas was watching television In his living room when one of the windows next to the fireplace shattered. The window broke all at once, but the stresses had been building up over years of time.
Gregg Gibbs is an outstanding resource for families when they are preparing to purchase a home. His thorough examination of a property is invaluable to ensure that the home you want to purchase is a solid investment.

When my daughter and her husband recently contracted to buy a home in the Clear Lake area, Gregg came out and investigated the real estate. He detected cracks, leveling issues, a poor soil report, and determined that the foundation of the home was in poor shape. He gave these prospective buyers a drawing, along complete with information about the repairs that would be necessary to the foundation. He spent the time necessary to carefully explain his findings.

Ultimately, when the sellers refused to repair the foundation as needed, my daughter and her spouse were able to withdraw their purchase offer. Gibbs Engineering made all the difference for this young couple. He is a "foundation detective!" His honesty, knowledge, along with terrific customer service and consultation, provides buyers with the information they need to make an informed decision when buying a house.

A home purchase is the largest investment most people ever make. You can rely on Gibbs Engineering to help you choose wisely!
- Jan Wheeler, EdD
Gregg M. Gibbs, P.E.